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Sensory Profiling

Through our senses, we are able to take in information, process thoughts, and create a response to those stimuli. Our senses include our vision, touch, smell, and hearing. How we perceive the information that our senses bring is different for every person. That comprises our sensory profile.

What Is a Sensory Profile

Our sensory profile is how we process and react to the sensory information we receive each and every day. It is unique for every person. We are constantly receiving information and the way sensory information is processed can have either a positive or negative impact on our function. 

People with a disability can sometimes process and react differently than others to sensory information. Developing an understanding of your unique sensory profile can assist you or your support persons understand your likes and dislikes and work to create optimal levels of sensory input in your environment, maximizing your potential.

Our Approach

Access Therapy uses a practical approach to sensory profiling. Our team aims to gain a better understanding of how you take in sensory information and how sensory processing affects your behaviour, participation, and learning. We can determine which environment is more suitable for your sensory processes that can further hone not only your learning and capabilities but also your entire well-being. 


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